Great Hikes in the Shawnee Forest

Observation Point - Garden of the Gods - Southern Illinois Garden of the Gods
The observation point at Garden of the Gods really lives up to it's name. One of the more popular sites to explore in the Shawnee National Forest.
Cave in Rock - Southern Illinois Cave In Rock
Cave in Rock is a great choice for a quick trip. A huge 55 foot wide mouth cavern!
A great hike! Little Grand Canyon in Southern Illinois The Little Grand Canyon
Lots to see and explore on The Little Grand Canyon hike. Spectacular views early on in the hike make it a favorite for all, but going the full distances will yield great rewards!
Heron Pond - Southern Illinois - Shawnee Forest Heron Pond
Heron Pond is one of the best short hikes hands down. Driving there you will pass other trails that peak your interest (Tunnel Hill Trail) but you will be heavily rewarded if you can stay on course. This is part of the Cache River Nature Area.
Pomona Natural Bridge - Southern Illinois - Shawnee Forest Pomona Natural Bridge
The Pomona Natural Bridge is more of an attraction than a hike the path is so short! Come and check out this 90 foot natural bridge carved out of sandstone. A small shallow cave close by makes exploring fun for all ages!
Ferne Clyffe Waterfall Hike - Southern Illinois Tourism Ferne Clyffe Waterfall Hike
The Ferne Clyffe waterfall hike is amazing all along it’s 3/4 mile path with a great reward at the end. Fantastic rock formations surround both sides of a well cared for path as well as a picture perfect rock creek . A must do for any tourist to southern Illinois.

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