Tour Southern Illinois Vineyards and Wineries

Southern Illinois Vineyards and WineSpend your afternoon, or the whole weekend, unwinding and chatting over a glass of locally prepared wine. Feel free to enjoy a quiet stroll through a vineyard, or attend one of the many festivals offered nearly year-round at the wineries. Music festivals, local artisans, and even grape-stomping are featured activities! Enjoy the good life taking in the breath-taking scenery of southern Illinois, while visiting the region’s booming wine industry.

Vineyards in Southern Illinois

Alto Pass, IL 62905 Alto Vineyards
Alto Pass, IL 62905
Phone: 618-893-4898
Makanda, IL 62958 Blue Sky Vineyard
Makanda, IL 62958
Phone: 618-995-9463
Alto Pass, Illinois 62905 Hedman Vineyard
Alto Pass, Illinois 62905
Phone: 618-893-4923
Pomona, IL 62975 Hickory Ridge Vineyard
Pomona, IL 62975
Phone: 618-893-1700
Cobden, IL 62920 Inheritance Valley Vineyards
Cobden, IL 62920
Phone: 618-893-6141
Carbondale, IL 62903 Kite Hill Vineyards
Carbondale, IL 62903
Phone: 618-684-5072
Makanda, Illinois 62958 Orlandini Vineyard
Makanda, Illinois 62958
Phone: 618-995-2307
Cobden, Illinois 62920 Owl Creek Vineyard
Cobden, Illinois 62920
Phone: 618-893-2557
Pomona, IL  62975 Pomona Winery
Pomona, IL 62975
Phone: 618-893-2623
Cobden, IL 62920 Rustle Hill Winery
Cobden, IL 62920
Phone: 618-893-2700
Cobden, IL 62920 StarView Vineyard
Cobden, IL 62920
Phone: 618-893-9463
Pomona, IL 62975 Von Jakob Vineyard
Pomona, IL 62975
Phone: 618-893-4500

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