When riding an eBike in Southern Illinois, you will find yourself deeply immersed in the region’s magnificent scenery. Shawnee Hills eBike Rentals, located in Jonesboro, Illinois, along the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, makes the long-lost joy of cycling more accessible than ever with pedal-assist power eBikes.

What is an eBike?

An eBike is not your typical bicycle. With the addition of an electric motor for adjustable “assisted pedaling,” you can pedal with exceptional ease making obstacles like hills and headwinds more manageable and allowing you to travel farther with little to no effort. Rad Power Bikes offer 8 different models including the Rad Mini, and the Rad Mini Step-Thru. They may be called “mini,” but they aren’t as small as you think; these eBikes can be adjusted to the comfort of any rider.

With a twist grip throttle, 750 watt geared hub motor, and 45+ miles of adventure per charge, these eBikes do the work for you travelling at speeds of up to 20 mph. No matter what your athletic ability or experience level is, you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself.

No bike rack? No problem! These eBikes are foldable making transporting them to various locations throughout the forest a breeze. To give you an idea of storage size, two eBikes can fit inside of a 50 gallon rubbermaid tub. They are about 75 lbs each, so a two-person lift is best. If you plan on transporting the eBikes to other locations, renting them for a full day or multiple days will help you make the most out of your cycling adventure.

How Do I Rent an eBike?

It’s simple. Just reserve an eBike by phone, email, or online with Shawnee Hills eBike Rentals, settle on details, receive your confirmation, and pick it up at their location in Jonesboro. They will also deliver the eBike to other agreed upon locations throughout the Shawnee Forest at no additional charge for parties of 4 or more.

Shawnee Hills eBike Rentals offers several rates and options, for 6 different models of Rad Power Bikes including two-hour, half-day, full-day, and multi-day rentals allowing you to see the area at any pace you choose. Rates range from $45 for a two-hour rental to $90 for a full day’s rental with deals for multiple day rentals.

As a certified Rad Power Bikes testing center, Shawnee Hills eBikes also offers $30, 1-hour test rides from the rental location and back again for people interested in purchasing their own eBike. Feel free to test multiple models within your hour time slot and get a discount on your eBike purchase just for testing them out first.

These eBikes are ideal for riders 16 years and older. For riders 5-10 years old, take advantage of the WeeTag option which acts as a third wheel that has a seat and mounts to the rear post of the eBike. Trailers with harnesses are also available for smaller children and pet companions.

All Shawnee Hills eBike rentals include a helmet, a water bottle, and instruction on how to operate the eBike as well as a knowledgeable owner that can answer any other questions you may have. Make your reservation in advance at Shawnee Hills eBike Rentals directly by phone or email at (618) 967-4918 or [email protected].

Where Can I Ride?

To make the most out of your eBiking adventure, plan ahead. There is so much to do and see that you will definitely want to look at all of your options and choose the best route for you.

When choosing your destinations, start small. Pick the top 2 or 3 things you really want to do,
and then build your trip around those key locations. Pick a nearby lodging option. Then, sprinkle in the little treats along the way. Leave a little bit of time in your itinerary to discover adventure as you go. I guarantee you will want to stop to gaze at the beauty of the Shawnee Hills every once in a while along the way even just to stretch and take the pressure off your seat.

Top 5 eBike Rides in the Shawnee Hills:

  • Rollercoaster Road Ride: Right on the edge of the town of Anna, Rollercoaster Road offers riders thrilling hills and dips that span a 10-mile route, 10 miles out and 10 miles back. This ride is ideal for people who opt for the 2-hour rental.
  • Tunnel Hill State Trail Ride: Explore miles and miles of what was once railway tunnels stretching from Eldorado, IL, to Karnak, IL. Dark tunnels can be disorienting, so make sure you point the eBike headlights at the ground to avoid running into a wall. Since this trail is very long, you may want to pay for a longer rental period.
  • Giant City State Park: Filled with trails that dip and duck between large boulders reminiscent of buildings in the city, Giant City has winding trails that make great riding for the adventurous eBiker.
  • Bald Knob Cross Ride: Ride through the small town of Alto Pass and see the famous Bald Knob Cross. Stop at a winery or two along the way and grab a bite to eat while taking in the night life. (We do not recommend drinking and riding.)
  • Garden of the Gods Wilderness Area: Ride the miles of trails that traverse Shawnee Forest’s most popular attraction. Avoid eBiking the observation trail, day hikers, large obstacles, and steep cliffs make the observation trail dangerous; however, the rest of the area is yours for the riding.

Local Lodging Recommendations:

  • Shawnee Forest Cabins: Located in the heart of the eastern side of the Shawnee Forest, closest to Garden of the Gods, these log cabins are a great homebase for any Shawnee Forest eBiking adventure. Don’t forget to check out the outdoor hot tubs and the treehouse cabin.
  • Blue Sky Vineyard: Tuscany has never felt so close to home as it does at Blue Sky. With wine tasting, romantic suites, and live entertainment this is a great location to relax and enjoy your nights.
  • Davie School Inn: a B&B that was formerly a school provides a little bit of local history to your stay in one of their subject-themed rooms.
  • Havisham House: a luxurious inn in the middle of Shawnee Hills Wine Country that operates as a spectacular venue for events and offers overnight stays for weekend guests.
  • Water Valley Inn: a gorgeous two-story farmhouse with 5 bedrooms available making it the perfect spot for large groups of friends or family and includes all of the amenities of home.

Local Dining Favorites:

  • Peachbarn Winery & Cafe: sample estate grown wines and an ever-changing menu with handmade dishes that are sourced locally and grown sustainably
  • Brick House Grill: upscale yet affordable American cuisine and handcrafted mixed drinks makes this a the perfect spot for great conversation and a whole lot of fun
  • Jordo’s Pizzeria: discover the best pizza in the Anna-Jonesboro area and don’t forget to ask about the “Jordo’s 18-inch Party Pizza Challenge” to earn your spot on the wall of fame
  • Kiki’s Coffee House: sample gourmet coffees and enjoy a tasty snack in the mornings at Anna-Jonesboro’s favorite little coffee nook
  • Jus10’s Frozen Yogurt & Dessert Shoppe: stop in, play some pinball, and enjoy the creamiest frozen yogurt in Anna, Illinois, at the dessert shoppe where there’s something for everyone

While these are just a few suggestions in the multitudes of outdoor adventures in the area, eBiking is without a doubt the most memorable way to explore all that the Shawnee Hills and the Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois has to offer.

Do I Have to Ride a Mapped Route?

Your imagination is the limit. You are not required to stick to specific trails or riding locations as long as you can stick to your time limits (unless a location is previously agreed upon for delivery and pick up). Simply take off on back roads and get out of town.

You will want to stay off of main roads opting for back roads where there is less traffic. Water and mud are not ideal for a bike with an electric motor in the wheel hub, so choose a route where you can stay dry. No matter where you go, be aware that you are on a machine that goes twice as fast as a regular bicycle and weights 3x more. Be prepared for curves and stops in advance, never use the front brakes, and always wear your helmet.

No matter where your ebiking adventure leads, Shawnee Hills eBikes can take you there. Next time you’re in Southern Illinois, don’t miss out on your opportunity to explore the wonders of pristine nature and country living while enjoying a smooth care-free ride on an interesting piece of modern technology.

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